Watch: Crayon Pop Goes Hitchhiking In MV Teaser For “Vroom Vroom”

Are you ready for a new song by Crayon Pop?

On September 7, Crayon Pop released the MV teaser for their new song “Vroom Vroom.” In the video, an old-school Volkswagen van drives through the fields as it plays previous songs by the group, such as “Bar Bar Bar.” It stops to pick up the members and they all pile into the van. A short teaser of the song is played and it sounds like another fun and cheerful song by the group.

Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop drew attention last month when their agency stated that their upcoming first full-length album will be a DIY album, with the girls in charge throughout the production, marketing, and promotion of the album. The comeback logo was released on September 7 and was designed by member Soyul.

The full music video is out September 9 at noon KST.

Watch the teaser below!

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