WINNER’s Song Mino And iKON’s Bobby Explain What Their Unit Name MOBB Means

During a V App broadcast on September 8, WINNER’s Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby sat down to talk about their latest releases as MOBB.

They reveal that they personally chose the name, and they decided on it after constantly sharing ideas back and forth, even when they were apart.

Bobby says, “MOBB is a cool word that’s used in the hip-hop scene,” and Mino further explains, “It also refers to something like a crew in hip-hop.” The rappers remember how they were hanging out and playing around when they agreed to make music together, and came to the conclusion of “MOBB,” after trying out various combinations.

They also reveal that Mino personally designed their unit’s logo himself.

MOBB dropped not one, but two tracks on September 9 at midnight KST, “Hit Me” and “Full House.” Both rappers released their own solo tracks as well, with Bobby first dropping “HOLUP!” on Wednesday, and Mino releasing “Body” a day later.

What do you think about their unit name?

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