Lee Min Ho And Jun Ji Hyun Going To Spain This Weekend To Film “Legend Of The Blue Sea”

Jun Ji Hyun and Lee Min Ho are leaving for Spain on September 11 to film for the upcoming SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Sea.”

“Legend of the Blue Sea” is Jun Ji Hyun’s first drama since giving birth to her first child, and is the next work of writer Park Ji Eun, who wrote “My Love From the Star,” the 2014 drama in which Jun Ji Hyun starred with Kim Soo Hyun.

This is also Lee Min Ho’s first return to the small screen in a while, having last starred in “Heirs” in 2013. Since “Heirs,” Lee Min Ho has been active in film, with the movies “Gangnam Blues” and “Bounty Hunters.”

“Legend of the Blue Sea” is a fantasy romance centered around a motif from the mermaid/merman story in Korea’s first historical (romance) storybook. In the Joseon-era storybook, it is recorded that real-life figure Kim Dam Nyeong returned mermaids/mermen that were caught by fishermen back to the sea. Jun Ji Hyun plays a mermaid, and Lee Min Ho a cold con artist.

The drama is slated to air in November.

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