Ga In Shares Why Prepping For This Comeback Was Particularly Difficult

During the September 9 live broadcast of her showcase for new album “End Again,” singer Ga In dishes on the process of preparing for her comeback.

She reveals that things were particularly difficult this comeback around, saying, “We made dozens of revisions while creating the music. It was mentally and physically taxing.”

“A tone of labor went into creating this album. It took a lot of time,” Ga In continues.

The artist reveals part of the reason the album took so long is because of composer Lee Min Soo, whom she worked with on “End Again.” “The songwriter writes one song every six months,” Ga In says. “He makes a ton of revisions.”

Ga In

She reveals that dieting for a long period of time was an additional stressor. “The plan was [to release] a new album early this year, but [when the comeback date was postponed], I couldn’t let myself go and had to continue my diet.”

MC Muzie comments, “You’re on the skinny side, so why do you diet?”

Ga In replies, “Because my skin is on the lighter side, if I gain weight it’s immediately noticeable.”

Meanwhile, Ga In made a comeback with “Carnival (The Last Day)” on September 9 at midnight KST.

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