Taecyeon Thinks It’s Impossible Not To Like Park Shin Hye

2PM’s Taecyeon appears as a guest on the September 9 airing of SBS Power FM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

During his time on the show, a listener asks him about his relationship with Park Shin Hye, “You were shy when you saw Park Shin Hye on ‘Three Meals a Day,’ but afterwards I saw that you had sent Park Shin Hye a coffee truck. When did you guys get close?”

DJ Choi Hwa Jung says to Taecyeon, “You were shy? You must like Park Shin Hye.” But Taecyeon responds cooly, “Find me someone who doesn’t like her. She is so pretty. I haven’t found anyone who dislikes her.”

2PM Taecyeon

DJ Choi Hwa Jung jokes, “Are you going to jump into the competition then [for Park Shin Hye]?”

Taecyeon responds, “I was trying to, which is why I sent the coffee truck, but many others had done sent [coffee trucks] too.”

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