MAMAMOO’s Solar Picks Between Her “Duet Song Festival” Partner And Eric Nam

MAMAMOO leader Solar remained a professional when asked to make quite the difficult decision!

On the September 9 episode of the MBC singing variety show “Duet Song Festival,” Han Dong Geun, Lee Seok Hoon, Tei, Jea, Minah, and Solar are featured as the guests.

Solar, Minah, and Jea are the new singers for this episode and they engage in a fierce competition to select their partners.

As Solar enters the studio, she is asked if she likes her partner to which she answers, “Yes, I like him a lot and after we practiced, I liked him even more.” Then, MC Sung Shi Kyung asks, “If you had to pick between Eric Nam and your partner, who would you pick? Based only on his voice?” as he brings up her “We Got Married” virtual husband.

She appears flustered and answers, “This is really hard!” She then says, “Since I’m with Seon Ho today, I will pick him,” as she gives a pained look as she laughs.


Watch the latest episode below.

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