Seo In Guk Receives Medical Intervention For Severe Fatigue On “Law Of The Jungle”

On the September 9 episode of SBS’s “Law of the Jungle in Mongolia,” Seo In Guk headed out into the Gobi Desert on a survival mission.

For dinner, the team grilled frogs, but although Seo In Guk is normally a good eater, he found the frogs difficult. Unfortunately, a combination of fatigue from his Korean schedule and lack of food caused the actor to break out in a cold sweat and spasms of dry coughing.

Seo In Guk

Eventually, the team doctor put him on a saline drip to help him recover.

“I didn’t get sick here,” Seo In Guk assured everyone. “It’s because I came here right after filming my drama. I couldn’t enjoy my time off because I was physically exhausted.” He then apologized to the crew for making them worry.

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