Jung Hyung Don Makes Touching Surprise Cameo In “Infinite Challenge” Special

Beloved former “Infinite Challenge” cast member Jung Hyung Don has surprised fans by appearing in the show’s “Muhan Company” special.

Jung Hyung Don officially left “Infinite Challenge” in July after being on hiatus since last November for health issues.

On September 10’s episode of the show, which includes the second part of the “Muhan Company” action blockbuster special, Jung Hyung Don briefly appears in a scene in which Yoo Jae Suk is a patient hovering between life and death. Jung Hyung Don is seen dressed as another patient as he looks through a window at Yoo Jae Suk.

He says through a narration, “Hang in there, sir. Although it’s painful and hard right now, you have to overcome this. We’ll definitely meet again and all laugh together, once you are well again soon.”

jung hyung don yoo jae suk

A source from “Infinite Challenge” told OSEN on September 10, “Jung Hyung Don’s appearance was a way for him to say hello to the viewers of ‘Infinite Challenge.’ It meant that he was promising he’ll come back in full health in the future.” The source states that his filming for the special took place last month.

However, the show’s producing director (PD) Kim Tae Ho has another take on the cameo. He has told OSEN, “It seemed good for him to say thank you to viewers a final time, even though he has sadly had to leave ‘Infinite Challenge.'” He adds that it was the very last scene filmed for the special.

Watch the scene below!

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