Rapper Sleepy Is Confident He Can Succeed On “Show Me The Money”?

During his appearance on MBC’s “I Live Alone” on September 9, rapper Sleepy talks about a potential appearance on the next season of “Show Me the Money.”

While continuing to unpack and clean up his new apartment, courtesy of company’s CEO, he vows that he’ll make his next song a success. Lee Guk Joo, who was carefully listening, suggests that he should appear on “Show Me the Money.”

Sleepy Lee Guk Joo

In response, Sleepy replies, “I’m thinking about whether I should try out next year.”

“If I don’t mess up my lyrics, [I can go to] the finals,” he says. When Lee Guk Joo asks why he hasn’t auditioned until now, the rapper truthfully reveals that he was scared of messing up. Lee Guk Joo changes her mind and jokingly tells him that he shouldn’t audition anymore then.

How do you think Sleepy would do if he auditioned for the show?

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