WINNER’s Mino And iKON’s Bobby Share Thoughts On Appearing As Unit On “Inkigayo”

WINNER’s Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby, also known as the unit MOBB, will be performing their joint songs for the first time through SBS’s “Inkigayo.” The unit recently shared their thoughts on appearing and performing together.

Song Mino stated, “When I think about performing in front of our fans with the music that we prepared ambitiously, I feel good and excited. I’m going to work really hard. Even after this, I have prepared a variety of music as well as a variety of stages. I’m continuously practicing.”

Bobby also shared his thoughts, saying, “Instead of returning as iKON and WINNER, we’ve returned as a unit. I feel good because I’m able to show the music that I’ve always wanted to do as well as a new image. My fans have been really supporting me lately. I won’t disappoint them. This is just the beginning. I hope everyone will see this as not just a one shot, but as a continuous project.”

Mino and Bobby will be performing their new songs “Hit Me” and “Full House” on the upcoming episode of “Inkigayo.”

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