Watch: SISTAR’s Hyorin Returns To “Running Man” To Trick The Cast

Hyorin of SISTAR has made a return to the SBS variety show “Running Man!”

On the September 11 episode of the popular show, the cast members have become prisoners being transported on a train and must compete against each other and against 33 other prisoners in order to escape.

The cast is told that they should enjoy their time as they pass through the next train car but not “do baek.” The cast puzzles over what the mission means, and wonders if “baek” means “bag” or the Korean word for “one hundred.”

When they enter the car, they find that it has been decorated like a party and there are women pretending to sleep in their seats. One of them is Hyorin, who is part of the team trying to trick them!

On a previous episode of the show, her dancing with cast member Gary resulted in their video clip going viral and hitting the top spot on lists of the most-searched terms on portals. In this episode, the music suddenly starts and everyone gets up and begins to dance, including Hyorin. Sure enough, the cast starts to dance with her.

Running Man Hyorin SISTARGary Hyorin SISTAR

In particular, Gary is very excited to be reunited with her. As soon as the mission finishes, Hyorin stops dancing and puts on a serious face, having successfully tricked the cast members into dancing. It turns out that the cast members all have pedometers in their bags, and those who recorded over a hundred steps during the dance failed the mission.

Some of the cast members express their frustration jokingly at Hyorin for telling them to dance more. The other women in the car are also revealed to be SISTAR’s dance crew.

Despite her betrayal, Gary still tells Hyorin to put on a prisoner outfit and just go to prison with him.

Check out the scene below!

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