How Do Daebak, Seol Ah, And Soo Ah React To An Old Picture Of Lee Dong Gook?

Can the mischievous children of soccer star Lee Dong Gook recognize a photo of their dad taken 20 years ago?

On the September 11 episode of the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman,” Lee Dong Gook takes his three children to visit his parents in the coastal city of Pohang.

His parents appear to have kept all of the posters, fan letters, fan presents, and awards that he accumulated throughout his illustrious years as a soccer player. As he looks through them, Lee Dong Gook wistfully says, “There”s things here that I’ve never even seen before.”

In one of the posters, it shows a young Lee Dong Gook posing cutely while lying on the floor. It was reportedly taken 20 years ago during the 1998 World Cup, when he was at the height of his popularity.

Seol Ah Lee Dong Gook

Curious to see how they react, he asks his children who the person in the poster is. While Soo Ah and Seol Ah, after a pause, answer that it’s him, Daebak just looks confused as he glances at the picture.

Check out the funny scene on Viki below!

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