Kang Sung Hoon Goes To Emergency Room For Injury After SECHSKIES Concert

SECHSKIES member Kang Sung Hoon was revealed to have been rushed to the emergency room after the group’s concert due to an injury.

On September 11, the veteran group concluded their solo concert entitled “Yellow Note.”

After performing “Reckless Love,” Kang Sung Hoon revealed that he hurt his toe while dancing. He endured the pain and completed the show, but was then brought to a hospital in a ambulance prepared beforehand.

The singer’s injury was examined in a hospital in Seoul. YG Entertainment states, “Kang Sung Hoon fractured his toe and wasn’t in a good state.” However, they assure fans, “He was not diagnosed with anything more severe and was sent home.”

Meanwhile, SECHSKIES also revealed their new song, a ballad entitled “Three Words,” during the concert.

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