Bada Volunteers As Fundraiser For UNICEF Children’s Education Campaign

Singer Bada is lending her time to a good cause!

On September 10, Bada appeared as a one-day fundraiser for the Korean branch of UNICEF’s children’s education campaign. She helped out at the fundraising booth and recruited sponsors along with the other volunteers.

She also greeted civilians who showed up at the booth and talked passionately about children in Asia who had to give up their education to work.

The UNICEF campaign runs from September 10 to 25 both on and offline. The campaign is based around the story of an eight-year-old child from a village in Laos, who could not afford to go to school. According to UNICEF, the number of children in Asia who can’t go to school is about 36 million, and about 5.6 million have never attended school at all.

bada unicef

The campaign includes a special virtual reality video, where participants can experience first hand the life of the child in Laos, and various other events both on and offline.

“As a growing tree gives fruit to many, I believe that donating is a mature way to spread love to lots of people,” Bada said. “I hope many people support this campaign so that all children can experience the joy of learning new things and meeting new friends.”

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