BTS Celebrates Rap Monster’s Birthday With Perfect Cake, Party, And Embarrassing Photos

BTS has kept up their tradition by celebrating Rap Monster’s birthday with some embarrassing photos on Twitter, as well as surprising him with a birthday party with a twist!

BTS leader Rap Monster turns 22 years old (in Western reckoning) on September 12, and just after midnight, the guys began their usual birthday spam! Suga and Jin were the first to share some funny photos. Jin admits that he got some help from ARMY with his photo choice of Rap Monster’s head on Marilyn Monroe’s body and apologizes for being “this sort of eldest hyung.”

J-Hope then shared a video of Jungkook doing an imitation of Rap Monster dancing to “Save Me,” complete with Rap Monster completely ignoring them on the sofa.

The next upload on their official Twitter is a video of Rap Monster being absolutely thrilled to pieces by the cake that Jimin got for him, which is shaped like his favorite character Ryan from the KakaoTalk app. 

Jungkook then posted a photo of their leader for his birthday too!

Next up, the guys shared another video from their birthday party for Rap Monster. It seems like we’ve gone back in time a bit from the previous video, as Rap Monster is wearing a hospital mask over his eyes as a blindfold while they psych him up for a big surprise. J-Hope and Jin both tell him he should be excited for what they’ve prepared for him, and V checks with the others inside a room that everything’s ready.

When they take him inside and remove his mask, Rap Monster is absolutely horrified because instead of just presenting him with a birthday cake, they’ve also got him rapping in an old music video from pre-debut on the television.

Next, Rap Monster uploaded a video to wish himself a happy birthday, remind himself to be grateful and good to his parents, and thank everyone for their birthday messages.

However, he tweeted right after, “I wanted to wish myself happy birthday in a cool way, but when I saw myself in the video it looked so funny. Epic fail.” He then tweeted, “But thank you everyone, I love you. Aing. #aRMy.”

Another member tweeted out an older photo of some of the guys with the message, “We love you, our leader,” before Jimin tweeted a hilarious old photo of Rap Monster with the caption, “Wrapping up Rap Monster’s birthday. I love you, hyung. Thanks for being born.”

Rapper Tiger JK also tweeted to wish Rap Monster a happy birthday, which Rap Monster replied to with an emoji.

Happy birthday, Rap Monster!