Leeteuk And Red Velvet Get Totally Different Reactions From The Twins On “The Return Of Superman”

On September 11’s episode of “The Return of Superman,” Lee Hwi Jae’s twins get to meet some SM Town stars when they visit a recording studio to record a remake of their dad’s song.

At the studio, Lee Hwi Jae tells Seo Jun and Seo Eon that he’s got a call from a huge Hallyu (Korean Wave) star. He shows the twins the video call, where Super Junior leader Leeteuk and Red Velvet’s Seulgi and Joy are saying hello to them. Lee Hwi Jae introduces the Red Velvet “noonas” as Elsa and Anna, naturally piquing their interest because the boys love the film “Frozen.”

The pair then run off to meet the stars, and they first come across Leeteuk. When he says hello to them, Seo Jun hilariously asks him, “Are you a Hallyu star?” Leeteuk replies with a laugh that he is, and begins to sing “Sorry Sorry” for them.

leeteuk seo jun

At their blank expressions, Leeteuk asks, “Is this the first time you’ve seen me?” and they confirm that they have no clue who he is. Seo Eon asks him, “Where are the noonas?”

Leeteuk laughs and tells them that if they call for them, they’ll appear. Once they do, Seulgi and Joy come around the corner, and the boys look thrilled as they run right into their arms!

red velvet seo eon

Leeteuk jokingly asks them, “Why didn’t you run to me?”

leeteuk red velvet 2

Watch Leeteuk, Red Velvet, and the twins in this week’s episode of “The Return of Superman” below!