B.A.P Wants You To Vote In Their Instagram Video Battle

The guys of B.A.P are holding a competition on Instagram, with their fans as the judges!

B.A.P is currently in Hawaii to film the travel show “One Fine Day.” On September 12 KST, some of the members announced on their Twitter accounts that Daehyun and Zelo were about to upload videos on Instagram, and asked fans to give them lots of likes.

Zelo then revealed that they had split up into two teams for a competition, with team Daehyun against team Zelo. Daehyun’s team includes himself, Youngjae, and Yongguk, while Zelo has Himchan and Jongup on his team.

After much fanfare, Daehyun uploaded a video to his Instagram of his team enjoying their time in Hawaii (with lots of shirtless fan service). Zelo soon shared his team’s video on Instagram as well, featuring the guys doing push-ups to work on their ab definition before taking off their shirts (or just a lei).

Both teams have promised to upload a longer video if they get more votes in the competition.

Watch the videos below and be sure to “like” one to vote for your favorite!