Watch: Jun.K Reveals His Adorable Poem From Fourth Grade

It looks like 2PM member Jun.K was talented from a young age!

Jun.K is a guest on the recent episode of tvN’s “Problematic Men,” and he brings along an incredibly impressive collection of awards that he’s amassed during his days in elementary school. There are 70 in total!

2PM JunK

When asked about his personality as a kid, he answers, “I was really shy and nervous. I would stare at objects and think for a long time. I read a lot and my mom would look over my writing.”

He then reveals a poem that he wrote in fourth grade titled “Tennis Shoes.”

The poem is cutely written about a pair of shoes that got muddy from the rain. He writes, “Tennis shoes, I’m sorry. Today, I washed them and put them along the window sill. The new tennis shoes are wearing the sunlight.”

2PM Jun K

The cast members exclaim over his choice of words and note how the teacher wrote a comment saying they wanted to memorize the poem because it was so good.

Watch the clip below!

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