Park Jin Young Reveals What He Thinks Of Jun.K During Phone Call On “Problematic Men”

JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young shows his support for 2PM member Jun.K and also makes time to support the show “Problematic Men” as well!

Jun.K guests on the September 11 episode of the tvN variety show and brings along an impressive array of the many awards and certificates he won when he was in elementary school.

Then the cast members make a surprise phone call to Park Jin Young and ask him, “Do you think Jun.K is a smart guy?” He answers, “There have been lots of times that I’ve thought that he’s sensible and smart. I do think he’ll do well but the other people are so good too.”

He continues, “I watch ‘Problematic Men’ a lot on television and I get a lot of the questions correct. I really do get a lot of them correct. I got a lot of the questions right on the episode with Hwang Jae Geun. I even got the number pattern questions right too.”

When he is asked to come on the show, he laughs and says, “Why are we talking about me right now? I’ll go on the show. For some reason, I think if I’m actually on the show, I won’t get the questions correct.”

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