“W” Writer To Reveal Scripts For Episodes 1-15 Before Finale

September 12, “W” writer Song Jae Jung left a message on the official “W” homepage, announcing that she will be revealing the scripts for episodes 1-15.

Song Jae Jung said, “I have more time now that I’ve finished the script, and I wanted to leave a message of thanks. I sincerely, deeply thank the viewers of ‘W’ — the strange, convoluted, complicated, weird, and rude ‘W’ — who invested a lot of time into the drama over a long period of two months.”

“I was very busy with ‘W,’ so I couldn’t read [all the comments], but when I saw comments like, ‘It’s a drama that bullies viewers’ and ‘It’s a story that only the writer understands,’ I was really worried,” said the writer.

She apologized, saying, “There was a lot to tell, and not enough episodes to do so, and because my writing ability is lacking, the developments unintentionally came [too quickly]. I sincerely apologize.”

Thanking the viewers again for their patience and love for the drama, Song Jae Jung said, “I’m writing to give you a small surprise. After I finished the script, came out of my hole, and finally saw some people, everyone had so many questions for me. Because I can’t answer everyone’s questions all the time, and I can’t do a Q&A, I’m revealing the scripts for episodes 1 to 15, so that you may better understand, and watch the final episode with more interest and excitement.”

“If you lie down and slowly, thoroughly read through the text and questions, I think it will be much easier to understand than the short one-hour episodes. To all aspiring writers and the loving viewers of ‘W,’ I hope this is an exciting present for you.”

Song Jae Jung then said that she is planning to reveal the complete scripts for her future dramas as well, following broadcast.

“The final script [for ‘W’], I will post after the final broadcast. It’s been a long time since I wrote a drama miniseries, and I miscalculated the length. The scripts were short through episode 8, so the broadcast and script advance a bit differently. Please understand, and enjoy.”

In a final word of thanks to everyone, Song Jae Jung said, “Thank you for your love and interest in ‘W’… And thanks to all the staff at MBC and the actors who spent the summer bringing this ridiculous, random story to life.”

If you have yet to start this crazy, “rude” story, watch the first episode here:

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