Bobby Says He Didn’t Like Song Mino When They First Met

Song Mino and Bobby only had good things to say about each other during a recent interview at YG Entertainment.

Speaking about his first impression of Song Mino, Bobby said, “I thought he was really talented, so, out of jealousy, I didn’t like him. But after talking a lot, [we found out we] had a lot in common, and we quickly became close.”

Mino said, “One of my most memorable moments with Bobby is a day we were practicing. At night, we turned off the lights and rapped freestyle and danced with just the light from our phones. Bobby has gotten a lot cooler, both in his looks and just overall.”

Bobby and Song Mino recently released both solo and unit projects. Bobby’s “HOLUP” dropped on September 7, and Song Mino’s “Body” was released on September 8. September 9, the two rappers released “Hit Me” and “Full House” as the unit MOBB.

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