Watch: Lee Si Young Eats A Choco Pie Off The Floor In “Real Men”

Lee Si Young recently showed her desire to eat during an episode of MBC’s “Real Men.”

During the recent episode, the instructors promise to give choco pies to the group who wins during the drills.

In the end, the choco pies are given to the second group instead of the first. Lee Si Young, who is especially hungry, is unable to receive a choco pie despite working hard.

However, first group member Kim Jung Tae aims for the second group members’ choco pies. After stealing a choco pie from Seo In Young, Kim Jung Tae shares the choco pie with Solbi and Le Si Young.

Then Lee Si Young picks up the crumbs of the stolen choco pie and continues to eat. The actress shares her feelings during an interview, saying, “There weren’t a lot of crumbs that fell on the ground. If there were more, I would have been able to eat till I was full.”

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