“The K2” Starring Ji Chang Wook And YoonA Drops Official Posters

TvN’s upcoming drama “The K2” has dropped three official posters, the first (above) showing the four leads, Ji Chang Wook, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, Song Yoon Ah, and Jo Sung Ha.

The second poster shows Ji Chang Wook, who plays a mercenary, with YoonA, who plays the illegitimate daughter of a presidential candidate (Jo Sung Ha). The poster reads, “There’s something that I want to protect.”

the k2 poster ji chang wook yoona

The third poster is of Song Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha, respectively playing an ambitious, ruthless woman who will stop at nothing to become the First Lady, and her husband, the presidential candidate.

the k2 poster song yoon ah jo sung ha

Watch the first four teasers for the drama here.

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