Song Mino And Bobby Reminisce About The Chaos Of “Show Me The Money”

In a recent interview conducted on September 12, WINNER’s Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby sat down as their project unit MOBB and dished about the pandemonium that is “Show Me the Money.”

Song Mino explains, “When we appeared on the show, it was almost like a battlefield. However, when we watched it solely as viewers, it was definitely fun.” The rapper previously tried out for season four, coming in second place, while Bobby auditioned for and subsequently won season three.

He also comments, “BewhY auditioned last season alongside myself, but he came out again after improving his skills,” and Bobby reveals that he personally was rooting for C Jamm.

Bobby and Song Mino each released their own solo tracks on September 7 and 8 respectively, before dropping two duet tracks on September 9.

What were some of your favorite performances from these two on “Show Me the Money”?

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