Watch: Suzy Whips Out Her Heels For Ariana Grande Dance Cover

It looks like Suzy has been itching to get back into the practice room after wrapping up her latest drama “Uncontrollably Fond“!

Suzy recently shared a slew of dancing videos onto her Instagram, noting that the videos were just for fun. In the video excerpts, she and choreographer Hong Hoon Pyo perform a dance cover of Ariana Grande’s “Into You.”

Suzy starts off the cover in sneakers but whips out killer heels for subsequent covers.

#정말재미로 @blazerpyo #게스청바지

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오늘도 재미로?? @blazerpyo

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Suzy also shares sped up versions of her dance cover.

뒷부분이 짤려서 2배속 ??? @blazerpyo

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더 빠른거 ?????? @blazerpyo

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Meanwhile, Suzy’s most recent drama “Uncontrollably Fond” aired its last episode on September 9. You can watch the whole series on Viki below!