2PM’s Jun.K Reveals He Received ~70 Writing Awards As A Student

On the September 11 episode of tvN show “Problematic Men,” 2PM member Jun.K makes a guest appearance.

During Jun.K’s introduction, the program showcases his various achievements, including earning over 70 writing awards from elementary to high school.

“From first grade to sixth grade, I made it a habit to write a diary every day, so I would look at things for a long time and think about them.” Jun.K reveals.

2PM Jun.K_4

“I received a few awards for writing and book reports,” he continues. “From elementary to high school, I received about 70 awards.”

2PM Jun.K_5

With regards to how he developed his writing muscle, Jun.K says, “I read a lot of books when I was little.”

2PM Jun.K_3

“My mother herself enjoyed writing, and starting with my book reports, she consistently looked over my writing and helped me,” Jun.K adds.

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