Song Mino Keeps It Real When Asked About WINNER’s Delayed Comeback

In an interview on September 12 at the YG Entertainment headquarters, rapper Song Mino opens up about his group WINNER’s delayed comeback.

“We don’t promote often, and there have been a lot of incidents where our song [releases] have been postponed. I am always sorry and grateful to fans who wait for us,” Song Mino says. “We are making the effort to make up for it with even better songs.”

He continues, “Of course, there are times when I get impatient because I know that fans have been waiting a lot. But I think I can lose something when I am impatient. We are making the effort to show you a more polished version of us.”

Meanwhile, Song Mino and iKON’s Bobby made their unit debut as MOBB with “Hit Me” and “Full House” on September 9 at midnight KST.

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