Taiwanese Film Starring Cross Gene’s Casper To Premiere Domestically This Month

On September 12, Cross Gene’s agency Amuse announced that Casper will be making his Taiwanese big screen debut in the film “Battle of Hip Hopera” this month.

Set in a specialized high school for dance, the movie talks about the love stories and friendships of passionate youth who give it their all for dancing.

Casper will be playing the main character, a dancer who slowly changes through his first love and passion for dance, and learns to let go of his resentment for his father as well as his grief for his mother who passed away. He will be joined by Taiwanese actress Weng Ziman.

He will reportedly show off many high-leveled performances encompassing different genres such as Peking Opera, acrobatics, and hip-hop dancing.


A source from the film reveals, “We sent a love call out to Casper after watching him perform at Amuse’s end-of-the-year concert “Super Handsome Live” back in 2014. We actively casted him because his powerful nature onstage but more warmhearted side offstage was almost exactly the same as the character.” They have nothing but praise for the idol as they explain that he pulled off the character so well, in both performance and acting, that the overall quality of the film was raised considerably.

Regarding his appearance, Casper states, “I prepared and put in a lot of effort so that I could perfectly assimilate both acting and dancing. I hope to get Cross Gene’s name out there and become a stepping stone for Chinese promotions through this film,” and asks for everyone’s interest and support.

According to his agency, the idol will stay in Taiwan for about a month in order to promote the film.

“Battle of Hip Hopera” will be released in Taiwanese theaters on September 283.

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