“W” Reveals Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Upcoming Finale

MBC’s “W” has released behind-the-scenes photos from the upcoming finale episode.

The photos show the main cast looking cute and friendly in various settings. In particular, you can see how the cast members are affectionate toward each other in between filming. Viewers are especially happy to see the bromance between Lee Jong Suk and Lee Tae Hwan as well as the close relationship between Han Hyo Joo and Jung Yoo Jin.

Lee Jong Suk Lee Tae Hwan Han Hyo Joo Jung Yoo Jin Lee Jong Suk Jung Yoo Jin

Furthermore, the photos reveal some hints regarding what might happen in the finale. Actor Kim Eui Sung looks quite different from his villainous character behind-the-scenes as he happily smiles for a photo with Han Hyo Joo.

Kim Eui Sung Han Hyo Joo Kim Eui Sung Han Hyo Joo Heo Jeong Do Lee Jong Suk 2 Lee Jong Suk

“W” producers stated, “Thanks to viewers’ interest and love we were able to have our final filming on the 11th. With the Chuseok holiday starting on the 14th, we ask that viewers watch the final episode with their families.”

“W” airs every Wednesday and Thursday on MBC. Catch the drama exclusively on Viki!

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