2PM Members Want Taecyeon To Only Wear Suits?

On September 13, 2PM appears as a guest on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.”

During the talk, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asks the members about their stage outfits for the newest album, and suggests suits as an option. In response, Jun.K says, “I think Taecyeon is the best when he wears suits.”

“Taecyeon really looks good in suits, but it would be good if he didn’t wear anything else,” agrees Chansung, subtly dissing Taecyeon as the worst dresser.

Choi Hwa Jung then asks, “Taecyeon, do you not have interest in clothes?” to which Taecyeon responds, “For stages or when I appear on broadcast shows, a stylist usually prepares them.”

Choi Hwa Jung also asks, “How do you dress when you go on a date?” to which Taecyeon jokingly says, “I’ll just wear a suit.”

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