Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, And UEE Currently In Talks To Star In New MBC Drama

Jin Goo, Lee Yo Won, and After School’s UEE may be joining forces in a new MBC drama according to a source’s statement on September 13.

Entitled “Night Light” (tentative), the drama centers around ambitious people who fight for “avarice’s light,” a metaphor for their drive to achieve success for themselves.

Jin Goo is reportedly in the final stages of discussion and has been offered the role of intelligent and cool-headed Park Geon Woo who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Lee Yo Won and UEE will potentially be playing rivals Lee Se Jin and Seo Yi Kyung, respectively.

“Night Light” will premiere in November, following the end of “Woman With A Suitcase,” which is the next drama set to air in MBC’s Monday-Tuesday slot after “Monster.”

What are your thoughts on this potential cast?

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