QUIZ: So You Think You Know K-Pop Reality Shows?

When a K-pop group announces a new reality show, fans get really excited. Often times, these shows give viewers a glimpse into the private lives of idols or show new sides to some of our favorite groups. Some reality shows have even helped increase a group’s popularity or built demand for certain idols to appear on more variety shows. Whatever the case, they’re usually a great source of entertainment, even if you don’t know the group very well.

How well do you think you know some of the various reality shows different groups have starred in? Think you can name all the seasons of “Hello Baby,” “Showtime,” or “Sesame Player”? Take our short quiz to challenge your basic knowledge of the K-pop Reality World. Enjoy!


The quiz is temporarily unavailable, but will be back shortly! Check our Twitter and Facebook for updates.

What K-pop variety shows have you enjoyed? What groups would you like to see have their first variety show or participate in another? Let us know in the comments below!

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