Red Velvet’s Yeri Says She Talked To Best Friend Kim Sae Ron About Her Acting Dreams

Red Velvet’s Yeri says that she confessed to her best friend, Kim Sae Ron, that she aspires to become an actress.

The September 13 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” featured girl group Red Velvet as guests.

During the show, Yeri expresses her love for acting and reveals, “I received acting lessons when I was a trainee. Gong Hyo Jin‘s acting is really good. I enjoyed watching ‘It’s Okay, That’s Love‘ too, but it was ‘Master’s Sun‘ that made me want to try acting.”

red velvet

She adds, “Kim Sae Ron is my closest friend. I told her about my desire to act before. I said, ‘I want to act in the future too’ and she supported me saying, ‘You’re good at everything, unni.'”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is currently promoting their new mini album’s title track, “Russian Roulette.”

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