Wonder Girls’ Yubin Chooses The Hottest Body In JYP Entertainment

Wonder Girls member Yubin reveals who she thinks has the hottest body in JYP Entertainment.

On the September 13 episode of MBC Every1’s “Video Star,” Yubin appears as a guest and showcases her figure for the show’s special featuring women who are known for their fit bodies.

wonder girls yubin 2

During the show, she is asked who among her labelmates she thinks possesses the hottest body.

After giving it some thought, the rapper chooses JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young, “Park Jin Young’s body is still good nowadays.” Host Park Na Rae jokingly wonders if Yubin is just saying that to suck up to Park Jin Young.

wonder girls yubin

This cracks up Yubin, who defends her answer and says, “No. He has long limbs, and he has muscles too.”

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