Watch: Red Velvet’s Joy Stars In New SM Spoof

SM Entertainment has released the first of hopefully many installments of “An SML Digital Short,” the agency’s parody of the “Saturday Night Live” digital short. The first video stars Red Velvet member Joy.

The short opens with two men discussing Joy’s charms on the set of a shoot. One man, the director of the shoot, insists that Joy is cute while the other man, who seems to be Joy’s manager, disagrees, saying he can’t think of any time she was cute and that she’s more charismatic.

When Joy enters the set, the director is overwhelmed like any proper Joy stan would be. The director acknowledges her charisma but is still confident that she has the potential for cuteness.

You can watch the video with English subtitles here.

Did you enjoy the spoof? Would you like to see more?