Sungyeol Tries To Remain Tight-Lipped About INFINITE’s New Title Song

During a surprise V Live broadcast on September 13, INFINITE’s Sungyeol teases fans with sparse details about the group’s imminent comeback.

While there have been numerous individual teasers, a track list, and even a music video teaser revealed, not much else is known about INFINITE’s newest title track, “The Eye.”

Curious fans flooded the comment section during the broadcast, asking Sungyeol to give hints about the elusive track.

He says that two keywords related to the track were “typhoon” (the Korean title of the song) and “separation.” He also reveals it has something to do with “a man who shows obsessive behavior,” and jokes, “We’re like that anyways.”

Find out what Sungyeol means by these hints when INFINITE drops their newest mini-album, “INFINITE ONLY” on September 19 at 12 a.m. KST.

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