Kim Jae Won, Lee Tae Hwan, And More To Headline New MBC Weekend Drama

Actors Kim Jae Won, Park Eun Bin, Lee Tae Hwan, And Lee Soo Kyung will be headling a new MBC weekend special drama “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” (working title).

The four actors competed their first script reading on September 12 for “Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” and will begin shooting by the end of this month.

“Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” is about four siblings who leave the nest to live their own lives but end up moving back into their parents’ home all at the same time. The drama follows the development of these selfish siblings who only care about themselves as they rediscover the love they have for each other and their dear parents.

“Father, I’ll Take Care Of You” will be penned by prolific weekend drama writer Jo Jung Sun whose past works include “Goddess of Marriage” and “My Heart Twinkle Twinkle.” The drama is slated to premiere in November following “The Flower in Prison.”

Will you be keeping your eye on this drama?

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