Ji Soo Revealed To Have Received Emergency Surgery

On September 14, Prain TPC revealed, “Ji Soo received surgery for acute osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone or bone marrow, usually due to infection) yesterday. The surgery went well and he is recuperating in a recovery room.”

The agency explained, “Ji Soo was recently suffering from leg pain with an unknown cause, so he went to the hospital last week and received many examinations and treatments but there wasn’t any improvement so he got a diagnostic work-up on the 12th. Even before the results came out he experienced severe pain and had a high fever, so he urgently went to a hospital and the doctor said he had to get surgery immediately so he got surgery yesterday at 4 p.m.”

They continued, “The name of the disease is acute osteomyelitis. He is currently in the recovery room and while the surgery went well we will look over his condition and give a specific statement after listening to the medical team.”

Prain TPC further commented, “We are having discussions with JTBC’s ‘Fantastic‘ production staff in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible in regards to promised schedules. Right now we will do our best in consoling Ji Soo’s family and taking care of Ji Soo so he can recover well.”

Ji Soo is currently acting in JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Fantastic.”

We sincerely hope Ji Soo recovers soon.

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