EXO Hilariously Evaluates Leader Suho’s Sense Of Humor

Because once is never enough, the EXO members troll their leader once again.

Ahead of its premiere next week, “Star Show 360” shares an anecdote of how the remaining eight members focused their target on Suho, and caused a never-ending sea of laughter.

In good humor, the members dish about their leader’s sense of humor, and comment, “He likes to make dad jokes,” and “[I give] Suho’s humor two points.” They reportedly continue to “expose” their leader as they recall funny stories about him, further flustering him.

Suho 2

After watching over the situation, MC Tak Jae Hoon, amused, jokingly asks “How did you become the leader?” Unabashed, Suho confidently says, “Because this is my life,” and starts to personally talk about his own humor.

However, the EXO members are relentless as they continue to candidly share stories, not only about their leader, but also each other.

“Star Show 360” will premiere on September 19, at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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