How Does Lee Min Ho Feel About His Hallyu Star Status?

In honor of their 9th anniversary, X Sports News recently interviewed three Hallyu stars, including actor Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho’s first major lead role was in “Boys Over Flowers,” a massive hit both domestically and abroad, and he followed it up with appearances in “Heirs,” “City Hunter,” “Gangnam Blues,” and “Bounty Hunter.” He is currently filming for the upcoming drama “Legend of the Blue Sea” with Jun Ji Hyun.

When asked if he felt responsibility as a Hallyu star, he said, “It feels like the title was just given to me one morning. It’s an honor and I’m grateful, but it still feels unfamiliar. I would feel the responsibility even without the title, because I know there are people around the world who are cheering for me.”

He also shared some of his direct experiences with the Hallyu wave. “When I meet fans who relate to Korean films and dramas even though they don’t understand the language or the culture, and when they talk about studying Korean and traveling to Korea because of those films and dramas, I think to myself that this is the true force of the Hallyu wave.”

“Legend of the Blue Sea,” which he is currently filming in Spain, is his first drama in three years. “I’m excited and nervous about how people will see me,” he said. “My character is a con artist, so I think I can show people multiple sides. As long as people look forward to watching it, I’ll be thankful.”

Finally, he shared a message for his fans in Korea and around the world. “Thank you for always staying by my side,” he said. “I will work harder to be an actor that makes you as happy as your energy makes me.”

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