Watch: Wassup’s Nada Reveals She’s Been Barely Scraping By Doing Music

In a newly released interview for “Unpretty Rapstar 3,” Wassup member Nada opens up about her current struggles as she strives to make a living doing what she loves.

When asked about whether she’s making any income currently, Nada surprisingly reveals, “I’m seriously a beggar right now. [Wassup] is not promoting, so we can’t receive [income].”

“Out of the members, I’m the only one that makes the raps, so I get songwriting and demo royalties. But you know that when you stream once you receive like six won (approximately $0.005 USD) I think?” Nada says.

“If you split that again, it becomes zero-point-zero something won,” Nada continues. “So I don’t get even 100,000 won (approximately $88.86 USD) in my account.”

The interviewer asks, “What was the most difficult thing so far for you until now?”

“For one, since my agency wasn’t doing well, there were a lot of times when we couldn’t properly get our styling and makeup done, and we would even have to get our schedules or to the airport using the bus or subway train,” Nada shares candidly. “I was a bit sad then.”