Why Does VIXX’s N Scold Defconn On “Weekly Idol”?

Defconn learned quickly that you’ve got to be a man of your word!

The September 14 episode of MBC every1’s “Weekly Idol” is a special “best of the best” show. One of the categories is “Most Loved By Weekly Idol” and VIXX member Leo is chosen!

Kim Heechul tries to give Leo a call but he does not answer the phone. Then, Defconn decides to give N a call, confidently explaining, “N’s personality is like a chihuahua so he likes it when I call him.” Sure enough, as soon as he calls, N picks up the phone!

However, N immediately starts to scold Defconn, saying, “How could you not come to our concert? I saved a seat for you!” Defconn is taken aback and stutters, “I didn’t say that I’m going. I’m pretty sure I said I couldn’t because of my schedules.” Nonetheless, N continues, “Even so. How could you not come?”

Defconn quickly tries to change the subject, congratulating him on winning the “Most Loved” title. N is thrilled, saying, “I was picked as the most loved by ‘Weekly Idol?'” but when he hears that it was actually Leo and not him, he protests, saying, “I was the assistant MC on the show but how could you pick Leo!”

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