Comedian Kim Min Ki Proposes To Comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa During Chuseok Special

During the recording of the Chuseok special “Tomorrow’s King of First Pitch,” comedian Kim Min Ki proposes to longtime girlfriend and comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa!

Hong Yoon Hwa Kim MIn Ki 1

The proposal occurs when Hong Yoon Hwa appears as a pitcher. As she stands on the mound, Kim Min Ki appears with a bouquet of flowers and says, “We’ve dated for seven years. Let’s get married now.”

Hong Yoon Hwa Kim MIn Ki 3

Kim Min Ki continues, saying, “Yoon Hwa’s mother is here. She said that she would approve of the marriage in two years, but I’m asking her to shorten it to one year.” In response, Hong Yoon Hwa’s mother gives her approval to the couple!

Hong Yoon Hwa Kim MIn Ki 2

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