Super Junior’s Donghae Hangs Out With Yesung While On Military Leave

Super Junior member Yesung has shared some photos of his groupmate Donghae, who appears to currently be on leave for Chuseok!

On September 15, Yesung posted a photo to his Instagram of Donghae sipping coffee, with the caption “Chuseok coffee.” He adds as the hashtag in English, “East Sun,” which is one way to translate Donghae’s name from Korean (although Donghae has usually said it’s East Sea, another possible meaning).

He then posted a selfie of himself with Donghae, wishing everyone a happy Chuseok.

HC ? #해피추석 #HC #Eastsun #SJ #예동 #외출 #한가위 #커피 #10 #불면증

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추석커피 ? #추석커피 #Eastsun

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Donghae is currently in the army to fulfill his mandatory military service, and is expected to be discharged in July of 2017.