Park Myung Soo Knew She Was The One When He First Saw His Wife

Who knew that he was such a romantic guy?

On the September 15 broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” Lee Ji Hye and Shin Young Il are featured as guests on a special called “The Path Of Single Life.”

Park Myung Soo shares, “I saw my wife’s picture for the first time and thought ‘I will marry this woman.'” Before he went on his blind date with her, he was curious about her and went to her personal blog.

He continues, “I’m the personality type where if I say I’ll do something, I will do it. I don’t care about what people say around me. I just told her that I liked her. I wasn’t really like this before I met my wife but from the moment I saw her, I knew I had to marry her.”

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