“Dad, Where Are You Going” Favorite Yoon Hoo Is All Grown Up

Oh my, how quickly time flies!

On September 14, Yoon Min Soo’s wife updated her SNS with a picture of Yoon Hoo as he is enjoying his Chuseok holiday with his family.

In the photograph, he is busily playing a video game with a family member. He looks like he is deeply concentrating on the game and not focusing on anything else.

Yoon Min Soo’s wife revealed, “The girl seated next to him is the same age as him but is actually his aunt and my cousin.”

She continued, “Spend a joyful Chuseok holiday with your family!”

Yoon Hoo was a fan favorite during his time on the popular MBC variety show “Dad, Where Are You Going” from 2013 to 2015.

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