VIXX’s Ravi Fails To Troll Fans With A Photo Of His “Girlfriend”

On September 15, VIXX’s Ravi tries his very best to troll Starlights, but things don’t always go as planned.

He first uploads a picture of himself with his arm around a mysterious person, who lovingly lays their head on Ravi’s shoulder.

A photo posted by RAVI (@rravii0215) on

Contrary to the reaction he was expecting, fans were amused as they point out it’s too obvious that his “girlfriend” is wearing a wig.

Of course, the mystery person turns out be none other than fellow member Ken!

Ravi laments his unsuccessful trolling attempt and writes, “It seems I am so trustworthy to the point I hear ‘Let’s just pretend…to be fooled’… No matter how much the wig is obvious hahaha I failed.”

In the video, they keep up the act as Ravi compliments Ken, saying things like, “Why are you so pretty?” and “I think you look like a celebrity.” Meanwhile, Ken continues to pose demurely, although he winks at the camera several of times.

Were you fooled by Ravi’s prank?