Kim So Hyun Says Taecyeon Was Really Worried About Their Kiss Scene

In an interview with, Kim So Hyun revealed that she was worried about her chemistry with Taecyeon in “Bring It On, Ghost.”

She said, “At first, I was honestly really worried. Taecyeon has a really manly image, and was even called a ‘beast idol.’ I also have a child actress image, so when those two images are put together, I thought there would be no chemistry.”

Explaining how she compensated, Kim So Hyun said, “Because of that, I used more makeup than in my previous drama. It was so I wouldn’t look so much younger than Taecyeon. I made sure it was just enough to not look overboard.”

Regarding her kiss scene with Taecyeon, who is 11 years older than she, Kim So Hyun said, “I wasn’t really thinking much about it, but [Taecyeon] was really worried. Thankfully, the kiss wasn’t a surprise in the storyline, and it scene came out really nicely.”

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