Dal Shabet Is Pitted Against Themselves In New Comeback Teasers

On September 17, Dal Shabet released their first teasers for their upcoming comeback.

Their new mini-album and title track is titled “FRI.SAT.SUN.”

The teasers feature the members pitted against themselves. The first teaser shows the members wearing suits while the second has the members wearing mini-dresses. In the final teaser, they are revealed to be looking at each other.

Dal Shabet teaser 2 Dal Shabet Teaser 3

“FRI.SAT.SUN” is described as a track talking about how everyday life is so busy and to look forward to the weekend. It is composed by Shinsadong Tiger who previously worked with Dal Shabet on their last title track “Someone Like U.”

Dal Shabet will officially release “FRI.SAT.SUN” on September 29 at 12 a.m. KST.

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