Watch: “Unpretty Rapstar” Finalists Determined + 4 Eliminations

The September 16 episode of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” started out with rap battles between Ash B, Yook Ji Dam, Euna Kim (also spelled Yuna Kim), and Grace to determine which two rappers would move on to the stage of the competition.


In the end, Euna Kim and Grace get eliminated.

Euna Kim Grace

Then the show centers on the six contestants left who would face off in one-on-one rap battles to determine the final three for the finals.

First, Miryo performs with Urban Zapaka’s Jo Hyun Ah featuring. Then Jeon Soyeon performs with an appearance from SuperBee. Jeon Soyeon ends up winning with 205 votes.

Miryo Jeon Soyeon

The second battle is between Nada and Ash B. Unfortunately, Nada makes a mistake during her performance and Ash B’s heartfelt stage wins 202 votes.

Nada Ash B

Thus, Jeon Soyeon and Ash B will be moving on to the finals. The third battle between Yook Ji Dam and Giant Pink will air in the next episode.

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